Thursday, November 4, 2010

Does 50 mean I am old?

This week I am turning 50. Is that old? I just read an article about starting your art career when your over 50. Then I realized they were talking about me. So I look back and think were did 30 and 40 go? And really I think that I have spent more time looking back this week at what I should have done that using that time to do what I need to do to be a full time artist. Thinking to myself " Oh my gawd I must be old I am 50, my AARP card came in the mail. Now the world must know." To tell the truth I don't feel any different today than yesterday. I tell myself that I learned a lot during the 30's and 40's . And now I have more determination everyday to reach my goals, because yes I am getting older and I want to get all the ideas out of my head. (not that the voices wont keep filing it up) Yes I am 50 and I have more freedoms, less excuses and a burning desire. So, today I am going to finish up my last 4o yr old painting. Because watch out next week a fabulous fifty year old artist is coming.

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