Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twisted in Pink

I am finding that I am enjoying the daily painting thing to much. I am working on spending more time in the studio and now I am doing that. it feels great!
I just have to learn to stay there and continue working on the larger pieces I have waiting. I do have a couple of competitions  that I will enter.  The canvas are drawn, sitting here in my studio and ready to go.
 I also do 3 art fair type shows during the summer with my Mom. Who is a fabulous oil painter. Those shows are coming up fast. 
Anyway back to the twisted flamingo's . I have a cousin that Has a bath done all in pink flamingo's and this is for his collection. Hes gone this week and I was thinking about him.
I will get some of my mom's art and show you. It truly is Fabulous.

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