Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staring the New Year

We all go into the new year wanting to make it better than the year before. Just as I go into every new painting wanting it to be better than the last. But, we can't get stuck not moving because we have so many thoughts on our mind that we don't know were to start. I have found that if I always have unfinished work around me I can flow from one thing to the next. and sometimes I never pick up any of that work, I just get a new idea and continue. Because I am never wondering what I am going to do next.
I carry a small mole skin with me and whenever a thought comes to me I write it in words and sometimes sketch or doodle it. then I can flip through the pages and all the ideas come back to me. I just know for me, I create the best when I have nothing in my mind but the art that is there at that moment.
The biggest challenge is to start and to keep staring everyday. Really Jan 1st is no different than July 1st. Each is a new day a new start. Don't save it to start the year with a bang, Start each and every day as if this day will truly be better than the day before. We all have the same 1400 minutes in a day. What will you do with yours?