Monday, October 11, 2010

Where do you start?

Have you ever gotten yourself into a place were you just don't know where to start? So many ideas so little time and you start one and move to another and forget to come back? I know I have. And with the best intentions I look back at years of not knowing were to start. Instead of just starting. I have found that for my art I need to make a place that I can go to with no distractions. So if the Phone rings and I walk to the kitchen I don't find myself doing dishes instead of doing art. My house will still be there tomorrow maybe a little messy but when I grow old I wont regret leaving dishes in the sink. I will regret not get all the ideas that fill my mind on paper for that will live on forever.
We set aside time for all the things we do in our life's that need to be done. and a few that don't. Now I am learning to put my art on the top of that list these days. I go to my studio and stay there for the time that belongs to my art, to myself. this is what I do for me. Some days it works and some it does not. But I am finding that the days it does work are starting to grow together. and that makes me feel better about the time that it doesn't.

It's a learning process that I am getting better at everyday. Next time you come back I will let you know how it's going. Till then it's time to paint.