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My name is Kathleen Carrier. I am an Artist living in Sycamore, IL. My art has always been a part of me. Ever changing through the years. But, still my way of expressing myself.
As a child I can remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my answer was always the same, "I am an Artist". Knowing that I was and always would be. That's not to say that along the way I would not take a different path from time to time. In high school I wanted to go to art school and not just any, I wanted to go the the Art Institute of Chicago. And I was accepted and never went. Instead I got married at 18 and had four great kids. 
 Melissa, Megan, Nick and Tommy

 My art became my hobby. school projects some sketches and doodles here and there. I became adsorbed in being a mom. And the next 20 years were awesome. Then at some point you start to think about were your going when there art no more school art projects....... I stared drawing in pencil.


It was small and did not take up space. I kept drawing more and more. Feeling that passion again and I loved the way it felt. Friends and family loved my work and told me. But, they have to be nice they know you. So I did like any crazy person would do I applied to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. And at the age of 37 I was accepted to the school in the drawing program. With nothing more than my portfolio.
I loved the time that I spent there and I think more that learning the curriculum I was learning that I had the confidence to continue on my own in the direction that I always knew I wanted to go. I was in a place that people, that I did not know liked my art. Not because they were friends and had to be nice.
 I also was told that it was time to put away my pencils. To try color, well that is history now. Acrylics have become my new passion and I still feel that the more I use them the more I learn . Not to say I dont pick up a pencil from time to time. I still love the way it connects mind to paper.
I started Daily paintings and this  Blog  to chronicle my progress as a painter I started doing daily paintings as a way to make myself pick up my paint brush every day. Some of my larger works take days, weeks to finish and I have grown to like the feeling of accomplishment I get from finishing these small bits of me daily and sharing them with you.
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